The latest version of the CONNECTION game for Android

A fascinating arcade game for measuring IQ

The CONNECTION game is an awesome brain teaser game for Android, released and released by ∞ Infinity Games, which has been featured ever since. As the name suggests, this is an awesome brain teaser, you need to be in touch with it. At each stage of the game you will be faced with a few points. The number of these points will be more complicated by the stages of the game, and finding the way to connect them will be harder. You have to specify these points by line. So that all the points marked with a line are connected and shaped.

CONNECTION download game communication

CONNECTION game features

  • An awesome brain teaser game
  • Good design
  • Various and numerous stages
  • Exciting challenges
  • Without any timer and stress
  • Has 200 steps
  • Connect points with the line
  • Drag multiple lines to connect points
  • There are different patterns
  • A measure to measure individuals’ IQ
  • Good graphics
  • Easy gameplay
  • And other features

As stated above, CONNECTION is an awesome brain teaser game for Android, which you can experience with great brain teasers when you install and run it. You have to connect the points marked with each other at each stage of the game. Of course, at the higher stages there will be points that need to be connected to other lines and you need to have a good idea in your mind so you can connect each point to your own line.