A very cute and entertaining COOKING DASH game 

A very popular and challenging time management style 
With a catchy and simple gameplay in the field of cooking and restaurant management 
A product from GLU 

For many players, the games are just for fun. But the reality is that today’s games have two main dimensions. The first dimension is entertainment and the second is the education department. The trainings that we can get through games also fall into different categories.For example, we can increase our memory by playing passion and thought games, or even by making scary or exciting games to make the metabolism better by secreting adrenaline.

But another type of mental exercises can be seen in today’s games, which challenges concentration and intelligence and senses. Games that come with this theme are often referred to as game management or time management. In this article, we intend to introduce one of the best works in this genre.

COOKING DASH Catching Dash

Features of the game Coinck Dash

  • Popular style of time management
  • Simple, very entertaining and at the same time challenging gameplay
  • Challenging your mind and focusing on managing multiple different parts simultaneously
  • Colorful fantasy graphics and proper designs
  • Ability to get upgrades in different sections
  • Ability to buy and use various equipment and equipment
  • Has an educational section to teach how to play
  • Role playing for full restaurant management with cooking food and handling customer orders
  • Has a fictional part and compete with other chefs and participate in the famous TV Chef competitions

COOKING DASH Android game

COOKING DASH is the 2015 version of the Cooling Dash, produced by GLU . In this game you are in the role of a young lady named Flo and travel to the world of cooking. Although the game looks simple and fun to play, it’s better to know COOKING DASH has attractive storyline content.

Flo owns a restaurant and is a chef at this restaurant. He will soon be famous by the people of the city for his excellent cooking. You must manage this restaurant in the role of Flo. Your main tasks are summarized in two categories of cooking and quick customer care. If you deal with each one late, you will encounter problems that ultimately reduce your final score.

Flo is competing with other chefs in the reputable restaurants of the city. Recently, a challenging television game called TV Chef has been held between top chefs, and as the company and win in this competition is very important for any cooking, Flo is also a great opportunity. Flo wishes to take part in this tournament. So, help him in this mission to compete with his powerful opponents and climb to the final stage with more points. But before the start of the tournament, you have to manage your restaurant and, with the consent of the people and the referees, to choose the tournament.

Check out the cooldown gameplay game

In the COOKING DASH game, your focus needs to be focused on two main areas. Customers need to handle their orders faster. In the event of a quick appeal to their application, you will receive a higher rating (3 stars), otherwise you will be reduced to a longer time to wait. Get more from your restaurant as your favorite restaurant. On the other hand, you have to cook professionally and make several meals in the same unit.It is also very important to look after food, because if you do not care about them and do not put them at the appointed time on a stove or oven … that food burns!

In Cooking, it takes less than a couple of seconds to cook each meal, which changes in the higher stages of this time. You can also attract more customers by using the musician group or by using better equipment and amenities like new tables or chairs, or decorating the restaurant environment. You can get more cooking and cooking with more steps and freeing up the higher parts.