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Cooking Fever v2.6.2 MOD Apk is Available !

Cooking Fever Android Game Cooking Fever

An example game from Nordcurrent Ltd

Cooking Fever is an Android-based arcade game that won over 2,000,000 million views in Google Play, with a score of 4.5 out of 5.The game company is Nordcurrent Ltd, which has released the game for free. Cooking Fever is an awesome, entertaining cooking arcade game released for Android smartphones. In this game, you will start with a modern culinary center. In the Cooking Fever game, you will not have any restrictions on the use of raw materials, and you can easily prepare all the food available throughout the world, even Chinese foods, and deliver them to the customer.

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atributies :

  • Having over 400 different dishes for cooking
  • Having over 150 raw materials for cooking
  • There are more than 19 unique places to build your kitchen and restaurant
  • Super awesome features are created and the ability to upgrade over time
  • Super awesome graphics with very high resolution
  • Exotic and addictive gameplay
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets

Introducing Cooking Fever

In Cooking Fever, you will find a very entertaining and incredibly entertaining game that you can prove and test your talent in cooking. With a lot of features in this game, you can cook with over 400 different dishes for cooking. There are also over 150 different ingredients for cooking. It is worth noting that there are more than 19 unique and excellent places that you can build in your kitchen and restaurant. With your daily game you can get plenty of points and get more points with these scores. This game also has an excellent graphics. You can also share your products with your friends on social networks.

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