3D game of participating in special shooting missions Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter is one of the top first-person shooter games with great design and action space developed by the Seven Bulls company for Android platforms. In this Android game, you enter the game as a professional sniper and you have to be ready to participate in special missions and defeat enemies and terrorists.

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter


  • The opportunity to participate in 10 different players in the game and the formation of the desired team
  • Battle capability in 3 different locations in the world with stunning design
  • It has 2 different playable game modes with high and optimal compatibility
  • It has more than 13 types of weapons and deadly weapons
  • Soundtrack is very exciting and lightweight with modern effects
  • Stunning 3D graphics with impressive gameplay and action

With a simple look at the points of the action and shooting games on Google Play, you will notice the status of the world over among professional gamers, and hence the various developers are always offering the best around them. Different stories are diverse. The Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter has now been well versed in its top-of-the-range exciting 3D action shooters and exciting 3D space shooters.

As mentioned, the game is the first person of the style and you must choose the appropriate weapons in different neighborhoods to battle with the enemy. In this game, you can experience the fight with more than 13 different types of weapons, such as Shatagan And … Have a look at the enemy in different places and fight with the help of your team that can be composed of your friends. There is no doubt that the world’s top games are going to be greatly anticipated, and, thankfully, it’s fully featured, and it can be a sweet option for your leisure, in addition to remembering sweet memories