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Suitable for finding and identifying the type of GPU

  In order to download the correct data for HD games

Shredded version without ads

CPU X: System & Hardware info is a great application for identifying hardware components. This software provides you with a very comprehensive information of the entire operating system, hardware and display, battery, camera, sensor types, network and wireless, graphics processor and … which can provide you with the comprehensive information of the phone in Get hands on.

Also, with this software, you will be able to easily identify your Android smartphone’s graphics processor and download the right version when it comes to downloading HD data games that contain multiple data.

CPU X System & Hardware info (5) GPU


  • View full CPU information including the number of cores, processor speed, amount involved and …
  • Full view of system information including manufacturer, id phone, serial number and …
  • Full display of screen information including pixel density and sizes
  • network information including MAC address, download speed, upload speed, IP and …
  • sensor info
  • battery info and battery status
  • View full SIM card information and tria and foregg support
  • View full GPU information and chipset type used for HD games

The capabilities of CPU X: System & Hardware info are far beyond what we said, and we only briefly looked at the features of this software. We suggest downloading and downloading this software for yourself and enjoy it.

Recently, similar software for $ 0.99 has been released on Google Play, which is similar to the one introduced for download.