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Crisis Action v1.9 Mode Apk + Data Download

Crisis Action - Play a crisis situation for Android
Features :

  • Played in teams of eight
  • 9 Map PVP (player versus player)
  • Fight in multiplayer matches to achieve with rewards and gold
  • A range of different weapons and other equipment
  • Upgrade vest, helmet, armor paragraph, grenade wearing …
  • Setting the type and mode of investment for tactical advantage magazine
  • A stunning three-dimensional graphics with unparalleled display of weapons Details
  • Chart of the global ranking
  • Participate in challenges to win daily prizes
  • The possibility of playing in single-player mode offline
  • Fighting robots in 16 different stages
  • More than 40 upgradeable weapons: pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, heavy weapons and …
  • 11 customizable game modes and Safrshy destruction, biological mode, displaying shotguns and …
  • And many other features

Equipped with different weapons and prepare to feel in this exciting online multiplayer game experience!Crisis Action in the game you will be faced with real players and test your skills on the battlefield will pay!Play a critical situation the range of unique weapons at your disposal that can be used in a variety of events and locations gives you!

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Installing Android game:

If the game was no data:
Simply install and run the game.
If the game data storage:
And then install the game data folder it was in case of Obb in the SDcard / Android / Obband otherwise in the SDcard / Android / Data Copy.

important points:

  • In games with 4 version Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra GPU should be suited to your phone to download.
  • When you play games on your Android device language of your English.
  • Mode versions of the game have infinite money and so on.
  • If there are errors in the license, which you can program to meet Lucky Pachteruse.
General and downloading files:
  • File size:28 MB |31 MB |128 MB
  • Need Android:3.0+

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