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Critical Ops v1.2.0.f368 Apk is Available !

Extremely beautiful and exciting Counter-Strike Critical Ops game 

Beautiful graphics with lots of fun gameplay

Online play and multiplayer

Critical Ops is a dynamic game where you will fight in the streets. In this game you can play the role of a soldier from a special unit or a terrorist. This game is similar to the popular Windows platform that has many fans.

Critical Ops v0.9.7.f351 Download Critical Action Action game

Features of the game Critical Ops

  • Extremely beautiful and stunning graphics
  • A wide range of weapons
  • Fluid control
  • There are different maps
  • It has two anti-terrorist groups and terrorists
  • Ability to fight against other players
  • Infinitely exciting gameplay

Features of the new version of the game Critical Ops

  • Added Gun Game Section to play
  • Improved gameplay performance
  • Improve the status of game servers
  • Redesigning and resolving some weapons-related problems
  • Bug fixes

The Critical Ops game is an action game and FPS (first-person shooting) that challenges your skills. In this game, you will see an exciting battle of the tactics of the special forces group. Of course, you can play in the role of a terrorist, in which case you must fight special forces. It is possible to play on different maps such as streets, semi-structured structures and other unique places. Do not overlook the game for a moment, because the enemies may surprise you at any moment! So look carefully around and anticipate the movements of your enemies and be the first to shoot your enemy. This game is really beautiful.

Important note about installing Critical Ops

In the new update, the game has increased security and anti-hacking so that if the game is downloaded and installed from a place other than Google Play, you may encounter an update error. Download the game from Google Play if the download version of our site is not applicable. 

The official trailer of the game or the program



The Holiday season begins!

13 NEW weapons skins with some of the more popular Winterfest ’17 skins making a return. 
The Winterfest starts at 17.12.

Critical Pass Season 2! 
Introducing 10 new skins and a new tier for the guns with the T6 GSR compact 
New tier rewards, XP & Emblems 
New unique emblems for you to collect 
Claim your FREE Winterfest Emblem! 
Season 2 starts on 20.12.

Weapon Balance update

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 33.97 MB

Data File – Size: 305.96 MB

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