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Crossy Road v1.9.4 Apk is Available !

Very nice game Crossy Road

Fantasy style pixel graphics

The gameplay is very fun record style

A product of the studio Yodo1 Games In China

Normal version + version mode

Along with the official game trailer

Nearly 100 million downloads on Google Play

The first-generation video games ever, one of the most popular style record was playing styles. Although the fitness of new games and stunning graphics that have made this generation is much reduced compared to the past games, but still saw the release revolutionary products in this style are meant to words. Proud and popular game is one of the most obvious example of this type of game Crossy Road, which at this website APKTOPS to introduce it here.


Features :

  • Graphic detail appropriate to the volume
  • Use pixel graphics technology to design characters and …
  • Addictive gameplay and incredibly fun and challenging
  • Genre Endless Hope (record)
  • It has more than 100 characters with retro style
  • It has several different stages in different places
  • Support Android TV
  • Ability to exhibitors detail in 1080p mode
  • Optimization capabilities to run smoothly on different devices

Introduce and review the game Crossy Road

Crossy Road is one of the titles revolutionary new generation of games will be released as soon as the attention of millions of users. Crossy Road is a simple game but very fun, addictive, and at higher levels is a monumental challenge. This game studio Yodo1 Games preparation and for free for all mobile operating systems, the iOS, WP, Android is released. Headquartered in Beijing China Yodo1 studio is located. But what about the studio there, where are the original members. Yodo1 Games in total, including 3 of which two of them are Americans.

If you are familiar with the most popular mobile games, game series have titles like Minecraft you know. This series of games that were popular a few years ago personal computers were new and totally unique style of their own. The games created today a new generation of games today this style is said to be the so-called pixel. This genre of games inspired by the first-generation video games are made to a ten-year-old honor these games are offered. Kraft action games including such games that are champions of their perfect pattern for other games.

Play Crossy Road, which is a great model of this game genre has done, in style pixel games built. In this game all designed for coarse pixels is done. Perhaps the appearance of such an idea may seem a little silly, but it must be said that simplicity should not be considered as evidence of their evil. Like graphics, but gameplay is simple three-dimensional design and gameplay is smooth.


The gameplay Crossy Road

Style gameplay and the so-called Endless is Crossy Road record. The game concept is very simple. In the role of the main character of this game is that you are a chicken. Your task is to help guide the chicken to cross the streets and intersections it is.In this game there are two main challenges. First of all elements in the streets. In the streets and intersections, cars, trucks and even high-speed trains are driven. Each speed is different, and it’s your job more difficult. Correct password from the street, stands in need carefully to both sides. If the smallest dealing with these vehicles, you’re a loser.

The second challenge is the timing of the game. You must find the shortest time possible and at the first opportunity, go to.Between each street next street, there is a place like the middle of a boulevard. It is a safe area and in the area where the vehicle is not news. But it would be a waste of time you loss. You need a certain time to move forward otherwise you all the time. When time runs out, a great eagle will hunt you down.

In this game you need to check records and bring more and more demanding, better record will not be recorded. There are more than 100 different characters in Crossy Road. There are also several different locations in the game. Play Crossy Road feature syncs with your Google account there as well. If your account login game, you can save your game data on Google servers and also participate in Lydrbvrdshyp.

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