Second version of the tournament of the Drag CSR Racing 2

Product from NaturalMotionGames Ltd 
With realistic graphics and gameplay 

It is clear that the first version of the CSR Racing game with the company NMG and users are very pleased that the company has released its second version of its popular game with the same name. CSR Racing 2 is the sequel to the first version of the game, which also delivers some of its features. But the point that has been mentioned in the second version is a lot more than realistic gameplay and game graphics.According to screenshots and trailers published in this game, it’s well-known that the company has used its experience in the first version of the game in the second version, even the smallest problems that the game In the first version, do not see CSR Racing 2!


  • There are various cars from the world’s leading automotive brands
  • Possibility to upgrade the engine to a very professional level
  • Has the ability to customize the color and appearance of game cars
  • Includes multiplayer and professional leaderboards
  • With more tough opponents
  • Drag Racing racing style for enthusiasts of this style
  • Very exciting and realistic gameplay
  • Unparalleled graphics with detailed playlist details

Introducing CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 can be considered one of the best in the context of the Drag Racing for Android smartphones in which you will see professional matches among powerful cars. As it’s been said, the style of the game is Drag Racing and is for the enthusiasts of this style. In CSR Racing 2, you can choose between the different cars that are considered, and enter the tournament. In this game, you will see the presence of different cars from among the world’s leading brands. The ability to customize and upgrade the car is one of the cool features that users have put into the game.

CSR Racing 2 gameplay features

In this game you can professionally upgrade your cars so you can make the most of them and use them. At the beginning of the game, only some of the machines that are there will be selectable, but as you win the tournament, and you can earn more money, you will also be able to buy more powerful cars.

You will have a very powerful competitor in CSR Racing 2. You should not forget that your rivals also want to win and rank first, and your negligence in the paths and even the smallest distraction can bring them closer to your goal and take you away. The multiplayer section of the game also has the ability to play with those who play the game online, and you can take your skills to the likes of other people.

Those who played the first version of CSR Racing are undoubtedly familiar with the graphics and gameplay of this game. In the second version, the gameplay and game graphics are even much improved, which we recommend that you do not miss CSR Racing 2 if you are interested in racing and drag racing games.

How to install customized versions that need your router

The fashioned version has infinite amount of money and its use requires root and lacquer patch . To install the updated version, first open the Lacquer Patch and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the ToolBox from the app’s bottom menu.
  2. Choose Patch to Android option.
  3. Choose the first three options and apply the patch. Note that the option only patch dalvik-cache is not selected.
  4. Now install and run the hacked version.