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Danger Goat v1.0 Apk is Available !

Rescue the brave goat Danger Goat

Danger Goat is another entertaining and entertaining arcade style adventure game developed by the nDreams LTD game studio for Android smartphone operating systems. In this new game, you’ll find a runaway goat with a wide range of hundreds of traps and obstacles on the way, each of which has its own charm and can entertain for a long time.

Danger Goat


  • It has 28 different levels or separate design
  • Ability to explore various areas, including forests and …
  • The possibility of escaping traps and the freedom of the goats from their frenzied world
  • 3D graphics with great and different gameplay
  • Soundproof and delicate surround sound

In Danger Goat, help this brave goat to successfully complete its escape missions. In other words, this game is a new experience of modern puzzles in the reality of the virtual world. It will delight you with its unique design. In this game, tilt the controller to ruin the obstacles and create a high safety path. Also avoid a variety of traps, including missiles, rays, and deadly robots. There are more than 28 different levels, including snowstorms, wild forests, and even outer space, with a triumphant 3D design and can provide a different game in these games.

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