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Dark Sword v1.6.2 Apk is Available !

The game is very beautiful and breathtaking Dark Sword

Two-dimensional graphics and Fantasy (shadow)
Fascinating and exciting gameplay style RPG or RPG
Studio product NANNOO COMPANY Inc South Korea

The regular version + version mode

Today, the game has attracted many fans and shade lovers of their own. These types of games have been two-dimensional gameplay and content are often placed in fantasy games and legendary. Dark Sword play one of the games of this genre is that it has many fans. You play the role of a ruthless warrior to fight the dangerous enemies and you will go in the dark. Remember the famous sword fighters have been fatal. Stay tuned with us to introduce and review the game Dark Sword.

Features :

  • The sword fast
  • And stunning graphics dark fantasy
  • System to acquire different weapons and powers
  • More than a hundred steps and different monsters
  • Hard mode for advanced players
  • Battle with the dragon of darkness
  • The use of different creatures on your side to destroy enemies faster

Introduce and review the game Dark Sword

Beautiful and unique Dark Sword game in fantasy style stylish two-dimensional manufactured by South Korea’s NANOO. The company making the game such as Crunch Base has a brilliant record in his repertoire along with its ability to play the Dark Sword happened to be taking all competitors. Dark Sword game content and interesting story is epic. Certainly the game in the style of the popular games like Shadow Fight 2 is modeled.

At the beginning of the game a few points of blows and upgradable weapons training and martial arts will be put at your disposal. The story of his own stage play Dark Sword of action style is very beautiful and unique. The story of ancient times is the dominance of darkness on the land in a show.

Dark Sword game challenges

In this game you over a hundred different and challenging stage in the role of a brave warrior in the war of darkness and evil creatures that were not initially and now want to go to have become the servants of evil in the conflict will difficult obstacles risks a. The more you go to war with the dragon of darkness will pay its most dangerous enemy and earn weapon upgrades and find different weapons and different abilities will pave the way for their hard play.

There are also hundreds of different monsters on stage and play hard challenge for you provided during and at the end of the Hardcore mode is opened for you and you are faced with the fact the game will be difficult.

Dark Sword video game

Very beautiful and stunning graphical style of the game Dark Sword without a doubt one of the best RPG style gameplay is in the form of dark fantasy. As well as the next game comes with beautiful graphics and fast sword blows surprise and side arms character game allows you to freely kill and bring down his enemies, could well pay and creative graphic details in this game Find a.

In this game your character will move to implement more than ten kinds of sword combat and fast action scenes for you to create beautiful graphics. Beautiful Dark Sword games with more than 5 million downloads and with a score of 4.4 from 5.0 in Google Play one of the most popular and free mobile games that download it for fans of RPG style games and is two-dimensional.

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