The latest version of Darkland for Android

Various Android games come with a variety of designs. You can enter into different worlds in Android games. These worlds can be good worlds or be among the dark and scary worlds.

Darkland is an awesome adventure game developed for Android, developed and produced by SENSPARK CO., LTD. As the name suggests, this game is going to enter the dark land. Billy is a white cube that accidentally enters this dark world. Billy has no skills to fight, and only wants to find a way out of this world. The gameplay style is also very different and unique. There’s no forward and backward button in the game, and you just have to move forward with the touch of a screen.

Darkland Download game Dark Land

Darkland Game Features

  • An awesome adventure game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Appropriate two-dimensional graphics
  • Attractive and exciting stages
  • Different gameplay style
  • Lack of different buttons for moving and jumping
  • The presence of enemies in the path
  • Various obstacles
  • More than 50 challenging stages
  • And other features

As stated above, Darkland is an awesome adventure game for Android, which you can install into and out of the dark land. You need to help Billy to find a way out of this land. The game will not have any buttons to jump and move, and you will move forward with the touch of the screen. There are a variety of jumping platforms in the game that you will jump by going to them. There will be a variety of obstacles in your path and enemies will be on the way.