The latest version of the DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App

One of the most dangerous things to do when driving is using a mobile phone because it can eliminate your focus and cause an accident. It’s hard to work with mobile because things you might need while driving are not yours.

The DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App is a very functional application that provides driving mode for your phone’s home screen . The app delivers a very functional page featuring the essential applications and tools you may need when driving, integrated into the car’s audio system. You can play music through various programs and easily control playback using the embedded keys. The program will also help you to use speaker routing applications and make them available to you.

DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App Download the Driving Mode app for your phone's home screen

Features of the DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App

  • play music through other apps
  • Areceive phone calls
  • Ability to control music playback using different buttons
  • View your weather information
  • Display the home screen of the app by hitting the home button
  • Enable Bluetooth
  • Turn on the screen when the power is connected
  • Show fullscreen mode to cover notification
  • Displays the essential information in the notification bar
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the DashLinQ Car Driving Mode App can provide a functional home screen while driving for your phone that you go directly to by tapping the home button when the app is active. The program can be integrated with other music programs such as Spotify and Google Music and seamlessly play music. The program can also provide your phone’s spy routers, such as Google, Waze, HereWeGo, and Sygic, and give you the ability to use them directly.

You can easily enable your Bluetooth phone through the program and see the information that you can see in this section. The instantaneous weather of your area will be displayed as a functional widget, and if you connect the phone, it will remain on the power of your display . With the help of the program, you can easily answer your voice calls and control music playback.