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DD-WRT Companion v10.1.0-17 Apk is Available !

DD-WRT Companion, an open source software application for smartwindows

As you know, the use of the DD-WRT Web interface on Android phones is impractical. Therefore, this program will help you build DD-WRT in the management and monitoring of devices. The DD-WRT Companion is an open source Linux operating system that is the perfect replacement for wireless routers and embedded systems. This software allows you to connect and manage your DD-WRT routers right from your Android mobile devices.


  • Support for private keys and authentication methods
  • Ability to monitor data traffic on a daily and monthly basis
  • Ability to backup and restore monthly traffic data
  • The ability to display the host list connected to the router
  • Ability to display and view the name, IP address, last visit date, download rate and …
  • Has various sorting options and filters
  • Ability to change destination VPN server
  • Beautiful and elegant interface

The DD-WRT Companion app supports key features and password-based authentication methods. Also, this application can handle multiple routers simultaneously and each with a set of different settings. Sharing capabilities with the daily and accurate analysis of other features of this program’s prominent feature is considered unique. Internet monitoring or real-time traffic for any connected host, with the ability to disable or enable access to it with a single click of a finger in this program, is possible and this feature alone has been able to take Kursar’s move in the popularity of the program. Using this app, you can easily set up the nickname, so you will not forget about which user’s email address belongs to the user.

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