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Dead Shell: Dead dungeon v1.1.31 Apk is Available !

Fight and Survive Dead Shell Dead Dungeon Prison

Dead Shell: Dead Dungeon is a different game with science fiction and dark themes in the style of RPG games and role plays by HeroCraft Ltd. Designed for Android smartphones. In this fascinating game, your mission is to command an aggressive and hard Moorit, in which you have to climb out of your mercenaries and enemies and get rid of it.

Dead Shell: Dead Dungeon


  • Has new prisons at different times 
  • Ability to control and command your angry army 
  • Has a wide range of powerful weapons 
  • Has different characters from mercenaries and elites 
  • Ability to upgrade and increase the power and level of military power 
  • Has appropriate gameplay with sound acceptable

In Dead Shell: Dead dungeon Bullstone mercenaries have been fighting against various animals and enemies in dark and dreadful dungeons who have sought to win victories of various weapons and have used their clever strategies. Who will win? Now you, as your army commander, destroy your hard enemies and defeat them. There is also a range of deadly weapons in this incredible game that, with their upgrades, you can also take a Steam to win. To get to the bottom, open your way through all the loops of hell and then destroy the cosmic devil as defeating this mysterious character is equal to your victory. Although there is not much to expect from the graphics of the game, the variety in its graphic environment with endless jail and exciting sound of the game has overcome this weakness, and in the cool of its exciting story, it has been able to provide a fun game. To give

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