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Deliria v1.0.16 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Play Deliria and fight the weird creatures on the wounded planet Deliria

Deliria is a memorable and entertaining game with dedicated gameplay in the adventure and strategic style that has been developed by the company for Android smartphones. The story of the game is inspired by the history of the earth and its events, in which you have to go on an adventure and win like any other game. One of your missions in this game is to set up and run various base and mining campaigns to advance it. After your landing on the planet and a long sleep, you will finally wake up. But by searching and following the game, you will notice that a small number of your crew remain, and the rest are in an environment known as the Crown Chromwell. Now you have to recapture the various challenges of the lost crew members , build your towerand complete your missions.



  • More than 100 dungeons of useful information in line with the story
  • A fascinating and beautiful storyline and discovering a new world on an alien planet
  • Has 6 unique skills for every mercenary
  • Has more than several different hectic and attractive areas
  • Has countless artifacts for collecting and earning points
  • Capable of making a high-tech mineral base
  • Possibility to upgrade towers and walls and capture them
  • Run the game in a beautiful science fiction landscape
  • The addictive gameplay with beautiful alien scenery along with optimal sound

Earth was injured by an asteroid about 50 years ago in Deliria . Dimensional veins and scars left behind have created strange and powerful creatures throughout the planet, which has also separated civilization and caused irreparable disorders. Thus , scientists invented the counterfeit but working ability to open and repair the next gates. You will be challenged in the management of your resources and decisions in a beautiful science fiction scene in this fascinating game. Also, the discovery of the terrible events of previous miners, the discovery of marsh and lush fields, dirty mountains, various crystals and … is another feature of the game. In this popular game, you will be pleased with the walls, buying and upgrading weapons, discovering plasma weapons, and preparing yourself for a sudden adventure of discovering variables and defending against them. 6 unique skills for each mercenary, more than several different exploration areas, countless artifacts for gathering, making a high tech mineral base, upgrading towers and walls, more than 100 dungeons of information with fascinating storyline, Certainly what a gamer wants from his adventure. The addictive gameplay with exotic and beautiful landscapes along with the optimal sound and other features of the game is admired. 

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