Android game desertopia desert

DESERTOPIA is one of the newest and most beautifully crafted simulation games developed and released by Gamtropy Studio alongside the fascinating storyline for Android smart devices. In this beautiful game, you will see different environments for exploration and zendig, in which you will have to explore a desert island and cultivate new species along with various accidental occurrences.



  • Having a specific mechanism by changing their new and accidental conditions
  • Has the technique of mixing music with the island’s abundance
  • There are more than 50 different types available in 10 diverse land types
  • Random events and unlimited choices in decision
  • Smooth gameplay with realistic simulations
  • Unique sound with attractive graphics

In this beautiful game, the cycle fluctuates, the animals grow or become extinct, and your lush forests may be susceptible to desertification, in other words, the world you create is always changing. There are also more than 50 different types of creatures in the game that you can discover and record in over 10 land and unique and spectacular locations. It’s interesting to know that in this game, music The background will change with the amount of your island, which is the same technique of mixing music with a dynamic background, which in turn has added to the popularity of the game and one of its strengths. In general, you feel relaxed in a gaming world like watching a picture book, and you’ll experience a different game alongside clocked simulated gameplay.