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Device Control [root] v0.9.0-dev-git-41ad55 Apk is Available !

Android Device Control Device Control

Can be installed on rooted devices

Device Control is a software tool for controlling your Android device and its various parts, such as Tasker, program management, editors, locking, wireless file management, and more.


  • Device specific features such as: vibration power, screen color temperature, LCD power reduction
  • CPU frequency, management, i / o scheduler
  • GPU frequency and full management
  • Voltage control, fast charging

Explanation of permissions:

  • Super User Access: Device Control requires root to be used accurately.
  • Billing: For optional funding in the application
  • Internet: Ability to contact the program builder to report errors and errors and report them and fix bugs
  • Read External Memory and Read Internal Memory: Required for Wireless Manager File
  • Continued phone status: to better identify your device
  • Get Completed Boot: To restore the trick when launching the device
  • Vibration: To test the vibration power
  • Clear Cache Schedules: Ability to clear cache application with application management

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