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Device Control [root] v0.9.0-dev-git-5fa464 Apk is Available !

Android Apps Device Control Device Control

Be installed on rooted devices

Device Control software to control the device and its various sectors such as Tasker, program management, editors, locking, file management, wireless and more.


  • Device-specific features such as: Power shake, screen color temperature, reducing power LCD
  • Frequency CPU, management, scheduling i / o
  • GPU frequency and its entire management
  • Voltage control, quick charge

Description of permissions:

  • Access Svprkarbr: Device Control is routed to the functions it needs to be used carefully.
  • Bills for optional in-app donations
  • Internet: Contact the program manufacturer for report errors and errors and report them and fix bugs
  • Reading external memory and internal memory read: Requirements for Wireless File Manager
  • Read phone state: to better identify your device
  • Get the complete boot to restore the trick in setting up the machine
  • Vibration: to test the strength of vibration
  • Clear Cache Program feature cache clearing schedule management program

Application Device Control for operations above only works on rooted phones and allows you to install the program in any way on non-rooted phones again. Then you can use this software to get directly from the site.

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