Android Apps Dictionary Pro

The Dictionary Pro application is one of a series of different language loss program programs in the world. The app is available for sale at the 3.99 store for the APKTOPs, which you can download from the site’s powerful servers. With this app, get your words or sentences in any language you want! Unfortunately, the program still does not support Persian language.

Dictionary_Pro_cover []atributies:

  • Without the smallest ads inside the app
  • Extensive offline content , including the full offline English dictionary 
  • Ability to download dictionaries of various languages ​​of the world from the Internet for programs such as: Spanish, French,German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch , Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian. 
  • Offline English language translation and more than 40 languages 
  • English multilingual dictionary , pronunciation , wording (somewhat), etymology , and … 
  • Has an advanced search
  • Multiple terms include : synonyms, antonyms , related words , even images
  • Specialized and numerous dictionaries including medical , legal, financial , terminology , abbreviations and abbreviations … 
  • Voice pronunciation
  • Translation with one button
  • Look at the concept of each word with just one click
  • Create unlimited bookmarks
  • Ability to sort alphabetically or in chronological order
  • Home page customization
  • Set font size
  • Share your favorite words or sentences via facebook, twitter , email
  • Ability to copy from text