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Diesel Hill Climb v1.02 Apk is Available !

The charming and addictive game of Diesel Hill Climb

Diesel Hill Climb is a high-speed driving game for real-life and addictive diesel based diesel trucks designed and manufactured by Slyon Studios LLC, a racing and car racing game format for Android smartphones. In this fascinating game, when climbing mountain hills in the snow, dirt, grass and masonry, and …, you are pooling resources and upgrading your car to endless victories. 

Diesel Hill Climb


  • Interesting design design and realistic physics and addiction
  • It has mountain hills in the snow, dirt, grass and masonry ..
  • Possibility to collect resources and upgrade your car
  • Compete with other players around the world
  • Run the game in 4 levels and different graphic environment
  • Audible and simple graphics

In the Diesel Hill Climb game , increase your skills by collecting daily achievements and challenges and compete with other players around the world. For your exciting start, climb your mountain hills to climb. The cars that are designed in this game can be personalized and can be upgraded using the resources they have gained during the game. Playing on 4 levels and a variety of graphic and graphic environments along with the earpiece, you can play a successful and entertaining game of car games.

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