Disk & Storage Analyzer disk test and analysis program

Got 4.6 out of 5 in Google Play 

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Disk & Storage Analyzer is a program for displaying and viewing the RAM of mobile phones. With this software you can get additional information about mobile phone memory. It also has the ability to display flash memory information connected to the phone via OTG cable.



  • View file and folder information in full
  • Displaying information in a very stylish graph
  • Quick search among files
  • View bulky files with additional information
  • Very nice and attractive interface

It may have happened to you many times that you need to get additional information about your device’s memory or internal storage, and the information you have on your mobile phone has not been enough for you. So, we recommend using the Disk & Storage Analyzer program, which lets you get additional information about your phone’s RAM and its files. This software is able to give you complete information about the memory of the handset and use it. Using the Disk & Storage Analyzer, you’ll also have the ability to search through files inside the phone’s memory. This app has an awesome and stylish interface.