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Online game Reign DomiNations

Strategic online game

These days the online strategic games market is hot. Strategic games such as the former War, Dee, Boom Beach, and … have been able to open up their own space among users and gain a lot of fans. As a result, various gaming studios have been releasing online strategic games to keep their games out of favor among users.

Many of these games have a duplicate style to imitate popular games, and this makes them unable to succeed. But many other online strategy games have a new style and story that will ultimately give the user a sense of satisfaction. This time on site we have prepared one of these games called DomiNations, which has been able to attract a lot of users’ comments.



  • Choose your nationality for receiving and collecting bonuses with special powers for individual units of British nationalities, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese or Greeks.
  • An adventure in the history of human life and becoming the first to discover the secret of various technologies such as cavalry, gunpowder and flight.
  • Recruiting powerful generals from ancient times including Alexander (Alexander) , Cleopatra and Napoleon
  • Increasing your reputation by building the seven wonders of the world, such as the temples of Egypt, the Statue of Liberty …


DomiNations game

Game of the Reign – DomiNations is about the war between different rulers. An interesting point about DomiNations’s strategic game is to look at the different times of humanity from the earliest to the present time. In this way, you will see the first weapons, such as spears, shields, sword … and powerful weapons like powerful bombs and nuclear weapons. In this game you have to choose your own civilization and then use the same civilization of the game to advance. Your goal in the DomiNations game is to destroy other civilizations that are being managed by other people who play this game.

There are different ethnicities in this game. Each of these ethnicities has their own unique weapons and powers. Also, the forces you see in each ethnicity will have a unique and appropriate design with the same ethnicity. In general, you will see the existence of British, Roman, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese and Germans in this strategic game, which, given the skills and powers that each of them, can start the game. do. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that game makers have designed it to make little difference among ethnicities so that users do not have the ability to choose their ethnicity.

Strong commanders like Alexander, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, Hitler, and … are also in the game that can be used as warheads for every ethnicity that can bring more troops and powers to your troops. In the game DomiNations you will see the evolution of humanity from the very old to the present day and you can see the progress of human beings.

DomiNations is a strategic style game for enthusiasts of the same genre of games. The game has excellent HD graphics and stunning. Playing in different environments will make you never see the repetition of this online game. If you are also an online gaming enthusiast, we recommend that you never miss the DomiNations game. You can get this game directly from the top Android site.

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