The newest version of Doom Watch for Android

The Doom Watch game is an awesome Android-based strategy game developed and released by the iDreamSky gaming studio, where we’ve seen other cool games ever since. In this fascinating game you will enter the final struggle. Zombies and wild monsters have surrounded the whole world and are destroying the human race. You are among the only ones left and you have to survive. You have to fight as a team with these zombies so you can open your path. To be able to survive, creating a shelter can also be a priority for you and you have to work for it quickly.

Doom Watch Download the game Fate of the Watch

Doom Watch features

  • An awesome strategic game
  • Good design
  • Online fighting with other users around the world
  • 3D cartoon graphics
  • Easy gameplay
  • Build a shelter
  • Create a great army
  • Awesome Challenges
  • Fighting Zombies
  • Unite with other survivors
  • Picking Different Strategies
  • A large and diverse map
  • Use of various resources
  • And other features

As said, Doom Watch is a great Android-based strategy game that you can install and run into the world of fighting. You can join other survivors of the alliance so that you can campaign with each other. You must use a variety of resources to defeat your enemies and zombies.You must try to build a big and powerful army and have a variety of forces. The game has a great 3D graphics, and the gameplay, along with the ability to fight online with other users around the world, can entertain you well.