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DoubleTwist Pro Music Player v3.3.2 Apk is Available !

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Over 50 million downloads and 4.3 points in Google Play

Pro version app

Maybe you’ve already installed many different audio players on your mobile phone so you can find the best player for your mobile phone, but you still can not find the right player. If so, we suggest you try the doubleTwist Music Player app. With this software you can play your audio files.

DoubleTwist Pro Music Player v3.1.3 Download Music Player

Features of doubleTwist Pro

  • Very simple appearance
  • Ability to play different music
  • More features than the default music player
  • Customizable music player appearance

DoubleTwist Music Player is the name of a powerful music player for Android, which, while simplicity of appearance, also allows users to play various file types. With this program you can run various sound files on your phone with high quality. This software has the ability to customize how to play audio files on the mobile phone.


New in v3.3.1: 
♬ In the playlist songs screen, drag and drop is now via long tap and multiselect via menu. 
♬ Updates to playback engine.

♬ Fixed rating not being saved to file. 
♬ Went a diet! Reduced app download size by 50%. 
♬ Fixed AirPlay to AirPort Express 2nd gen firmware 7.8. 
♬ The AirSync service now has a persistent notification as required by Android 8 and higher.

Download files with direct link

Download the normal version – Size: 24.28 MB

Download X86 version – Size: 23.39 MBD

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