Drag Racing Classic Drag Racing

With a score of 4.4 out of 5.0

which is based on drag racing, is now one of the best driving and driving games in the world, with millions of downloads being able to top the top Android games. In this example of the game, go up the rating table and immortalize your name as one of the world’s top drivers. The game has been developed and launched by one of the world’s hottest gaming companies in the field of car driving.

Drag Racing Classic


  • With over 10 awesome online and amazing challenges with perfect design
  • Ability to compete with more than 10 participants simultaneously and individually
  • The ability to upgrade and buy your cars with the ability to customize it
  • Having dream cars like Ford Mustang Classic and …
  • It has more than 50 different cars from the best automakers around the world
  • It has a very nice hd graphics gameplay and superb spaceplay

Take Drag Racing Classic live in a 10-person race and experience one of the best classic car and classic games. It’s worth mentioning that more than 50 different cars from the best automakers around the world are included in the game, all of which, in addition to enhancing the full personalization capabilities, can play in your quiz. If you are not involved with the Drag Racing, it should be noted that these competitions will be based on the power of acceleration of cars on a straight line straight to a quarter-mile or a second mile, and any car that passes before the finish line wins. 10th online challenge, the ability to drive several hundreds of horsepower, the ability to upgrade and boost cars, the existence of fantasy cars like Ford Mustang Classic and … all the features that have made this game a head and neck of the same games of the same slave Undoubtedly, with the unique gameplay and professional spaceflight along with the amazing hd audio and graphics, it can captivate you like many other fans in the world for hours.