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Drag Racing: Street Racing v2.0.9 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Drag Racing Street for Android

Different games are being developed and released for the Android operating system, which allows users to participate in various competitions. In many of these games, your opponents are all real players and they are using the Internet.

Drag Racing Street is an awesome racing game developed and published by the Square Design Studio. By installing this fascinating game, you can step into the charming car racing world and compete with racers from around the world. But game creators have put special features for users before they start the tournament so they can bring more fun to the players. You can create racing cars based on your own taste. All parts and components used in the car can be put together and used by your choice and the suspension of the car as much as you like. Then you can play in attractive gaming halls.

Drag Racing Street Download drag racing game

Features of Drag Racing Street

  • Racing races 1.2 miles
  • Race with real players
  • Has a variety of paths for racing
  • Unparalleled variety of car parts
  • Possibility to make car gearbox settings
  • Very nice graphics game
  • Use the actual specifications of the engines
  • Possibility to fine tune the car suspension
  • Possibility to use clutch and gear manually
  • Conduct weekly competitions with awards
  • And other things

As stated above, the Drag Racing Street is an awesome racing game that lets you set off on an exciting riding competition. Unparalleled variety of spare parts for cars is displayed for you and you can make your car more beautiful with options. Also, all the specifications used for the motor vehicle are simulated by reality, and you can easily customize the various parts of the car.

The graphics are very good and the game has a great design. You can take the race with a manual gearbox and get a clutch to experience the fun of tournament races. It’s a weekly competition in which you can compete with other players around the world to win prizes.

Screen shot of the game or the program


** Fixed app crash in inventory

* Graphic improvements 
* Game interface improvements 
* The new physics of the suspension struts 
* Photo finish added to time race 
* English license plates 
* Bug fixes and optimization

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 29.15 MB

Data File – Size: 293.58 MB

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