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Drag Racing v1.6.59 Free Mode Apk Download


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Features :

  • Simple graphics, style and fantasy with very low volume
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Style challenging and requires high skills
  • There are more than 50 sports car and racing
  • Management functionality (personalization), equip and upgrade vehicles
  • Despite the multiplayer (online) and participate in professional leagues


Drag Racing Games

The beautiful game Drag Racing, one of the pioneers of acceleration or Drag Racing is racing style game that features special thing for the attention of millions of users located. At a time when all companies are competing to make the game graphics are more detailed, with the release of company Creative Mobile Drag Racing once again proved that the graphics in the game are not the first letter. Although very pleasant and eye-catching graphics, but to take advantage of the need to have better hardware. Otherwise, gameplay no matter how wonderful they are sacrificing graphics and its associated lag.

Drag Racing game and fantasy cartoon graphics and original designs are two-dimensional. This has led, however simple it may seem, but the good thing, the better gameplay and the results are lighter and more efficient. The main focus of the game is its gameplay and this has to be high quality. The lack of heavy textures, the game style and can be installed on nearly all smartphones and tablets has Android.

Drag Racing game you have to control your sports car, exciting drag racing only. Drag races are held on direct routes. Distance from the starting point to the finish line is usually 400 meters. An important point is the initial starting point and increase your success rate will be the next point. This game is very simple with this description may seem better prepare yourself for a huge challenge because so much of the game Drag Racing also will not be easy.

Drag Racing can real in more than 50 sports car purchase, upgrade them and iTunes, it will be painted and the complete management on them. There is also the online portion of the game makes it more popular.You can participate in tournaments and online leagues, to go against other online players and their roles in Lydrbvrdshyp stabilized. Drag Racing game with nearly 500 million downloads in Google Play is one of the most popular Android games. Also scoring 4.4 out of 5 as well as other reasons for the popularity of the game.

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– Get an incredible race reward bonus for watching a short video!

Installing Android game:

If the game was no data:
Simply install and run the game.
If the game data storage:
And then install the game data folder it was in case of Obb in the SDcard / Android / Obband otherwise in the SDcard / Android / Data Copy.

important points:

  • In games with 4 version Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra GPU should be suited to your phone to download.
  • When you play games on your Android device language of your English.
  • Mode versions of the game have infinite money and so on.
  • If there are errors in the license, which you can program to meet Lucky Pachter use.
General and downloading files:
  • File size:30 MB |29 MB
  • Need Android:3.0+

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