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Dragon Land v3.2.1 MOD Apk is Available !

Beautiful, exciting and fun Dragon Land

Attractive and colorful graphics with a fully three-dimensional design
Engaging gameplay in the style of adventure
Spain creative studio Social Point product manufacturer famous games such as World Chef

Some time ago a beautiful game and managerial called the World Chef offered to Spain was the studio Social Point. Now this is going to introduce another very popular game, we have the studio. The game, Dragon Land is called. This game is pretty much perfect in a short time managed to place among mobile gamers to obtain a record 10 million downloads within a few months break.


Features :

  • Attractive graphics and Fantasy
  • Colorful, three-dimensional design
  • Its unique design environmental factors
  • Style adventure
  • Engaging gameplay and compilation
  • A part of the adventure, attack the enemy, competition, racing and …
  • A section for Real-time challenges online
  • There are dozens of sidequests and hidden
  • Ability to learn and use different skills
  • Possibility of collecting all kinds of dragons with unique capabilities
  • Dragons higher levels of upgrade
  • Customizable dragons
  • With the Challenge Quick Play for benchmarking capabilities

Introduce and review the game Dragon Land

Play Dragon Land (Land of the Dragon) is a compilation of several styles of adventure, action, role-playing, racing and recreational services. This game studio known for popular games like World Chef Social Point builder and Monster Legends and has been developed. You are playing Dragon Land of the Dragon travel to the beautiful and complex. Where the green and pristine dozens of different species of dragons that live in it.

Although you have many friends in this picturesque country, but the evil dragons that are inherent when dealing with the fall in risk. Game Land of Dragons is a game compilation. The game has several sections that the most challenging part is the Real-time competition. You can play in the surf and passing the pay and adventure in the Challenge go on to play competitive and breathtaking.

Dragon Land in the game you can learn different skills like running, jumping, climbing surfaces, scoot and … more equipped you and your dragon. Game Land of the Dragon has three main parts Fast Track, Campaign and Multiplayer is. Fast Track can do in competitive games and Rkvrdzny pay, in part Campaign fiction stage play and leave behind the section Multiplayer online to compete with other people around the world.

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