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Dragon Mania Legends v4.3.1b Apk is Available !

The newest version of Dragon Mania Legends for Android

Earn 4.6 points by more than 1.5 billion people

Android games can simulate new experiences for you, and by doing so, you can easily do things on your phone that you can do in real life.

Dragon Mania Legends is an awesome game for the Android operating system, developed and published by Gameloft’s Gaming Studio, one of the largest gaming companies for smartphones. This fascinating game has captured the attention of users and gained 4.6 points on Google Play, which is a sign of a very high appeal. In this fascinating game you can train your freaks. You will leave the city ​​for freedom and you must try to grow your dragon so you can prepare him to fight other dragons in the cities.

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Features of Dragon Mania Legends

  • Awesome and delicious dragons
  • Dragging the dragon and giving food to them
  • There are various islands with different inhabitants
  • Create new islands by you
  • Ability to customize the islands with various equipment
  • Has over 350 different species
  • There are various game leagues and dragon struggles
  • Carrying out three to three campaigns
  • Train your dragon and increase combat skills
  • Take advantage of the special powers of the dragon
  • Very nice and attractive game design
  • Attractive and unique gameplay
  • And other features

As stated above, Dragon Mania Legends is an intriguing Android game that takes you to the dragon world and you have to live in a large and large city with multiple islands along with different inhabitants. Your dragon will be under your supervision from the very beginning, and you must always focus on it to grow and give it a cup of food and take him to special classes. By going to different classes of your dragon you can learn various combat and combat skills and get better at the fighting.

Island management is also at your service and you can use more than 350 different types to customize your islands . Periodically, you will be able to participate in various league games that can be exciting for you and bring you various privileges. Some games are played three to three times and you have to be successful in the battle environment.

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