The latest version of Dream Walker for Android

Some Android game makers make a fanciful game with a fancy idea that takes the player to a new world, giving him a lot of fun and enjoying a unique game.

Dream Walker is an unparalleled Android game developed and published by Playlab Studio. This fascinating game is based on the idea of ​​night-time nightmares, and when you arrive, you’ll need to experience nightmares. After going to bed, his main character goes to the world of dreams. This world is full of danger and you have to find the right path and go to wake up to your health. The gaming environment is awesome and exciting, and watching the game is a lot of fun.

Dream Walker Download the dream walk for Android

Features of Dream Walker

  • Very good graphics
  • Use an attractive idea to build a game
  • Very good environment design
  • different levels
  • Challenging and challenging puzzles
  • Chose the route of the main character
  • And other features

Other features of the Dream Walker game include challenging and complex puzzles. You must find the right path by solving different puzzles to avoid moving the main path and not going down. You will find various and dangerous nightmares that are horrific giants in your ambush to take you as soon as you get out of your original route. Awesome gaming environment and live items. Among the colorful butterflies, you will be shown that you must earn points by collecting them.