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Dreamcage Escape v1.12 Apk is Available !

Play Pazli Escape From Creep Dreamcage Escape

Dreamcage Escape is a puzzle and puzzle game for Android smartphones. This game is a great option for challenging the minds of the users. It’s a great option, with puzzles and puzzles inside it, that can do well.



  • Custom and customizable settings
  • Doing the game inside the cages inside the air
  • 15 beautiful rooms to move from among them
  • Thousands of different challenges and puzzles
  • Game that you will always remember!

Without you knowing yourself, you will find yourself in one cage at once, which you must now seek for a way to escape from the cage and save yourself. To do this, you need to be able to solve puzzles and puzzles from within the cage so you can open your way to the next cage. You have to do that to solve the riddles of all the cages and reach the end of the cage. Solving puzzles and puzzles will take a long time to complete the game. If you’re a passionate gamer and want to challenge your mind, we suggest you do not miss Dreamcage Escape.

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