The latest version of the Droid Firewall app

Different applications are being made for the Android operating system, some of which can help you securely manage your applications in terms of phone security and privacy.

The Droid Firewall is a highly functional security tool that lets you create a firewall for your phone and prevent Internet access from apps. Apps installed on the phone use the Internet for various reasons. This use of programs from the Internet can cause problems for programs to crack or send messages to announce the update of nerves. Or that your privacy will be eliminated. With this program, you can easily restrict applications without accessing root access when you access the Internet WiFi and data.

Droid Firewall Download Droid Firewall program

Features of Droid Firewall

  • A highly functional security tool
  • Create a cool wall for apps
  • Support for system applications
  • Block WiFi and data individually
  • Simple and easy interface
  • No need to root
  • Search among apps
  • Block Internet connection connections
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Droid Firewall is a very practical tool that you can easily create a firewall for your phone. According to the developer, this program does not require root access, and you can manage programs on the Internet without having to root. Wi-Fi and data will be displayed individually for you and you can block any of them for any application.