The game is very beautiful and attractive Drone Shadow Strike

Exciting and unique design with lots of fun gameplay
Reliance Games British studio
Normal version + Modified version

If you are a modern gamer these days, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Call of Duty action series. In the Modern Warfare triad, we saw sub sectors other than the main part of the game in their storytelling process. The sections where you have the task of launching missiles at enemies with the help of a computer system with the help of drones and other airstrikes. This part of the game was so much attention that the players took such a simulation in many other FPS games. If you are interested in such a part, Drone Shadow Strike is here to thoroughly reconstruct the same conditions.

atributies :

  • Attractive and spectacular graphics
  • Unprecedented effects and natural explosions
  • Very fun and different gameplay
  • Natural and realistic simulator of UAV missile launch (UCAV)
  • The choice and use of eight different military drone variants
  • There are 34 different stages in 5 different locations
  • The use of 4 types of heavy weapons Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets and Bombs
  • Ability to upgrade UAVs and weapons
  • Ability to view enemies with IR cameras
  • Convenient play control
  • There are more than 70 items and features

Introducing and reviewing Drone Shadow Strike

Drone Shadow Strike is a rare and modern title from the series of action – action games built in fast-paced, strategy and air compilation styles. This beautiful game is provided by the Reliance Games Studios and provided for free. As we said, the well-known sections of the Modern Warfare series were related to the stages in which you would have to launch missiles and cluster bombs with the help of UAVs. This unique design in this series of games was very popular and established a new approach to action games.

Now in Drone Shadow Strike, you can experience exactly the same thing this time in your Android mobile phone or tablet. The Reliance Games studio has designed the game with great detail, which has made the dynamic design of the game one of the best in this style. In the beautiful game Drone Shadow Strike, you can use 8 models of UAVs to armed teeth, and in more than 30 different stages you can defeat the enemy base.

The game style is very entertaining and engaging. Perhaps this style seems to be simple and effortless, but at a higher level, when your enemies also use more modern military equipment, every time you can destroy your drone. If you hesitate a moment or you can not miss the enemy’s missile attacks in time, you will be a loser. Use Drone Shadow Strike to use four different types of weapons, such as conventional missiles, target missiles, cannons and bombs.