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DU Battery Saver v4.8.4 Apk is Available !

Download DU Battery Saver Battery Reduction App

Full-featured version with all features

DU Battery Saver is one of the most complete and best-selling battery optimization software for Android phones that can help you reduce your mobile phone’s battery life by a large amount of time and therefore take longer. .


  • Quick optimization to reduce energy consumption
  • Ability to define different storage modes
  • Energy storage intelligently
  • Reduce CPU usage by reducing processing frequency (requires rout)
  • Display the charge rate using the very widget
  • Display power consumption by hardware and software and manage them
  • Displays the amount of consumption as a graph
  • Full view of battery specifications and charging time

Introducing the DU Battery Saver application

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot of battery optimization apps that you can use to save battery life. But sometimes it happens that many of these software programs do not actually do any good work and only talk to the hotline market where users are attracted to them. But this time, we’re about to introduce the DU Battery Saver software, which can actually do this and reduce battery consumption to a large extent.

In the DU Battery Saver application, you can reduce battery consumption by turning off or reducing those activities that you do not use too much. In essence, this program can work on parts such as display light, data and WiFi management, and so on, that nothing is active on the phone without a reason, and if it’s active, it will turn it off. In the DU Battery Saver application, you can create profiles that use it in any position you have to quickly activate that profile. For example, when you are outdoors, you can activate a profile that automatically turns off WiFi on your phone or when your phone’s GPS is turned off automatically when you are in the house.

The DU Battery Saver also provides you with useful information on how much battery life, battery life, and remaining battery life, using graphs and beautiful widgets that you can manage.

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