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Dual SIM Selector PRO v2.8.5 Apk is Available !

Dual SIM Selector Dual SIM Phone Manager

A very useful and practical software for dual SIM phones

A product from PixelRush: the popular Pixelphone software maker

These days, dual-SIM and multi-SIM phones have become massive in the market, and we are seeing the use of these phones among users. Usually dual SIM phones are most often used. Dual SIM Selector software can be used as a complement to applications that do not allow users to manage dual SIM cards. For example, imagine that you have installed a phone call application that handles call handling that does not support handsets and dual SIMs at the same time.

So you can use the Dual SIM Selector app to use both SIM cards in the same application at the same time. You can get this app directly from the site.



  • Supports all handsets with dual SIM or 3 SIM cards
  • Support for most third-party caller contacts
  • Ability to choose SIM card according to predefined rules
  • Rules based on phone mask and contact with call
  • Learn to set rules when making calls
  • Customize names and images for SIM cards
  • Supports SIM card pairs

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