The latest version of the Duck Roll game for Android

Android brain games are made to challenge your mind and intelligence. In these games, you need to light up the strategy to reach the destination and choose the best of them.

Duck Roll is an Android-based arcade game developed and produced by Mamau’s Playing Studio . This game has a great design and its graphics are acceptable. The main reason for this game’s gameplay appeal is that it’s very challenging. You need to hug a small cube-shaped duck in different directions so that you can stop the obstacles and get them to the destination.

Duck Roll Download game Duck Swing for Android

Features of the game Duck Roll

  • Excellent design
  • Acceptable graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • There are obstacles to duck
  • Has more than 100 steps
  • The existence of a cube-shaped duck
  • And other features

As said, the main reason for the attractiveness of the Duck Roll game is the dramatic design of the gameplay . In this way, you have to eliminate various obstacles and eliminate obstacles in more than 100 stages and challenging levels by rolling down the duck. The gameplay is very hard and full of challenges and obstacles that can be used by anyone for hours.