The latest version of Dust and Salt for Android

Dust and Salt is an awesome rendering game developed for Android released by the Prime Games Bulgaria studio. This entertaining game brings you into a text-based adventure, and you have to advance the story of the game. You will have great struggles and you have to be the best to win these campaigns. In this way, you have to decide for unity with other nations and first choose the best forces for you. You will travel to different places and you must take part in tactical campaigns and destroy all your enemies so that you can be selected as the best fighters.

Dust and Salt Download game Dust and Dandruff

Features of the game Dust and Salt

  • An awesome role playing game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Simple graphics
  • Narrative based story text
  • Tactical struggles
  • Different characters
  • Select your skills first
  • Look at the map
  • Very good music and sound
  • And other features

As stated above, Dust and Salt is an awesome roaming game for Android, which you can install tactics into. This game has a text-based gameplay. In this way, you must fight the right choices and send your troops to the war. The game has simple graphics and you can surf the map and go to various places. You must use a variety of weapons and armor to identify and defeat your own enemies. The game’s very good sound is also very well-formed due to the use of charming tunes.