Call & Manage Contacts DW Contacts & Phone

Perhaps you imagine that the Giz number in Android part ends up using the 10 numbers that are intended for you. But this is only true if you use the default dialer for Android phones. As you know, the Android dialer does not have many features and maybe that is the reason it can not cover all the needs of users. This time, we intend to introduce a program called DW Contacts Phone Dialer, a professional dialer that can provide great features in this area.

DW Contacts & Phone

DW Contacts & Phone Professional Dialer Features

  • Supports different languages
  • Many features with a long touch on any of the menu keys
  • Very flexible to configure the design of each comment (sort of type, font size, color, transparency)
  • Quick move between contacts names, just by entering the first letter of the contact’s name
  • View customizable contacts (first name, first name, nickname …)
  • Supports all accounts (phone contacts, Google, ms exchange and …)
  • Tabs section: hide, sort, and change view mode
  • Full contact management (build, add, modify, delete, copy contacts, copy to another account, group, organize and …)
  • Send group SMS, MMS and email (contacts, groups, organized, titles)
  • Find contacts (name, nickname, phone number, organized, memo, address, email, relationships, website, birthday, etc.) + Voice Search
  • Support for layered groups, sub groups
  • Choose ringtone (contacts, groups, organized, titles)
  • Anniversaries and birthdays + lunar calendar support
  • Easy sending greetings to contacts
  • Create shortcut for easy access on home screen
  • View all incoming call details
  • Call Filtering (blocking incoming calls)
  • Show history of calls
  • T9 dialer has many options
  • Resize, Background color, Fonts, Dialer font size
  • Icons for picture contacts, dialer, sms, email
  • Quick Dial Management (Continued Touch 0-9)
  • Speed ​​dial the latest issue
  • Show call history on dialer
  • Edit the number before dialing
  • Voice dialer

DW Contacts Phone Dialer allows you to easily dial. This software has an awesome environment that has been used in many different colors.Instant access to the history of incoming messages and SMS is possible in DW Contacts Phone Dialer. You can view and manage the numbers you contacted from them. You can also block calls from annoying numbers in DW Contacts Phone Dialer, and you can list the numbers that you do not want to be on the list by creating a black list. In this software, you will also have the option of placing a ringtone for each audience.

It also provides the ability to manage contacts on the phone. You can do your desired contact by simply searching for a part name or number simply by DW Contacts Phone Dialer.