The latest version of EarthQuake PRO

Many earthquakes occur every day around the world. You may also like to know the statistics of earthquakes that occur throughout the world at different times. The EarthQuake PRO app gives you this information. This app helps you monitor all earthquakes occurring on the planet and get notified of the time of the event, the magnitude of the magnitude, and the exact area. It also shows you an overview of the planet earth with earthquake points. It also has an alert area that can alert you to earthquakes and tsunami that are currently happening.

EarthQuake PRO features

  • Very easy and beautiful interface
  • Showing the Earth’s Earth with earthquake points
  • See the latest earthquake list for the world
  • Earthquake search based on location and time
  • See tectonic pages
  • Receive earthquake alert (time, distance, and size)
  • Possibility to use Mobily as a seismograph
  • Possibility to report earthquake by user
  • And other facilities

With the EarthQuake PRO program, you can get information about the occurrence of earthquakes at any given moment, and get complete reports of the time and location of the incident, as well as your distance. You can report it if you feel the earthquake yourself.