Quick move with various Edge Gestures

The Edge Gestures app can simulate many of the gestures on the handset by touching them just by dragging their hands to specific positions.

Supported motions: 

  • Run the program or shortcut
  • Use the return, home and recent buttons in a virtual way
  • Extending the Staatus load section: Load notifications and quick settings
  • power dialog
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen and control the sound of the media

Using the Edge Gestures program, you can simulate movements by simply dragging your hands to specific positions in many situations. This software can act like a shortcut for you and do a lot of different things. The virtual simulation capabilities of the back buttons, home and apps are one of the most used features of the app. There is also the ability to adjust the volume of the phone’s screen and volume by swiping from the bottom up to the top of the phone’s screen.