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Edge Sense Plus Premium v1.9.5 Apk is Available !

Edge Sense Plus sidebar and sidebar

With advanced features

As you know, one of the special features of the new smartphone and flagship in Dedeny is the ability to hide and the sidebar shortcut. As well as a stunning beauty that will help you to access your favorite apps or recent apps and settings all over the place.Edge Sense Plus will do exactly that for Android simulators. It is worth mentioning that this is another masterpiece from j to the 4n.

Edge Sense Plus


  • Access to favorite apps and custom programs
  • Creating custom shortcuts like direct call, message or email
  • Ability to accept and finish the call quickly
  • Possibility of automatic turning and lighting in vibration mode
  • Play and pause music and create a shortcut to it
  • Save energy and reduce battery consumption
  • Create a list of important apps in the sidebar
  • Ability to access all features on the off screen
  • Simple, unobtrusive, simple look

By activating the magisk management system in the Edge Sense Plus app, you can do actions while the screen is off. Other great features of this fast and fast application are the sidebar with three different panels, including apps, quick settings, recent apps, access to favorite apps and custom apps, custom shortcuts like direct calling, messaging, or email. , Fast and fast admission and ending, auto rotation, auto brightness, vibration mode, playback and pause music, energy saving, and more. You can also do all of these actions while the screen is off. The most significant extension of this app is the ability to double-tap the edges to perform other actions.

This means that users can now use Edge Sense in three ways. Each kind of squeezing of these edges is also programmable for a particular operation. It should be noted that this software, like many other third-party software, has its own positive and negative points, but if you want to add new features to your smartphone, you can take advantage of this software.

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