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ElectroDroid Pro v4.8 Apk

The newest version of ElectroDroid Pro is patched and fully unlocked

No problem licensing and no lacquer patch

ElectroDroid software includes electronic tools and resources. This software is designed for electronic engineers, students, electronics repairers and enthusiasts. This version of the software is its monetary version and it has no ads.



  • Display Resistance Colors Code
  • Having SMD resistor code
  • Ohm law calculator
  • Calculate battery life
  • Calculate the reactance and resonance
  • Modal LED resistors
  • Designer tools for inductors
  • • NE555 calculator
  • Calculate the voltage drop
  • Frequency converter
  • Strength, Value / Series / Parallel Ratio
  • Analog Wave Converter to Dhichital
  • Decibel converter
  • Calculation of head and parallel elements
  • Display Optical Fiber Color Code
  • Having a PT100 table
  • Displays the radio waves division table


• invite and share calculators results with friends; 
• added more ICs in the adjustable voltage regulator; 
• filter calculator: added RLC filter and fixed plot; 
• new pinouts: SATA slim and micro power connector; 
• new pinouts: Arduino Mega2560, Pro, Pro Mini, MKR1000 [Pro]; 
• new pinouts: SIM / Smart cards [Pro]; 
• updated resources: expanded dBm-Watt table; 
• improved Google Play license caching for offline use [Pro]; 
• various bugs fixed; 
• translation updates, added Thai translation;

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 6.63 MB

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