The new software displays Elixir system information

Elixir is the title of a useful and useful application in the presentation of a thorough information system with a stylish interface that has been designed and published by coccco28 for Android smartphones. With this program you can view and check hardware, software information, installed programs, processes, services and tasks running and recent, and …. In general, this app is an incredibly powerful tool for accessing detailed information about the device with very nice and elegant widgets.



  • Ability to access detailed information about the device with very nice and beautiful widgets
  • Ability to display hardware information such as battery and …
  • Ability to display software information such as a display and …
  • View installed and recent applications
  • The ability to display system information in a very nice way
  • The ability to display processes, services and tasks running and recent

Elixir is a very interesting and, of course, an application that can instantly get information about your phone. The status of the battery and the energy stored therein, the amount of free space in the memory (RAM), the rate of use of running programs from the processor (CPU), free space and memory space, WiFi, Bluetooth and screen, etc. And manage. It’s worth mentioning that all this information will be displayed in full screen beauty with the widget on the home screen. A remarkable thing is the customization of widgets. In this way, you will be able to arrange and display the icons associated with each item according to your taste or just keep the items you need on the screen. Other features of this program include the backgrounds of the widget and custom colors, and the background for the background image and adjustable transparency, different icon sizes, the ability to change the location of the label, etc.