The latest version of the ELOH game for Android

Attractive gameplay featuring relaxed music

The ELOH game is an awesome brain teaser game for Android released and released by Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH, a game studio that we’ve seen so far. This fascinating game is a fantastic title in the mindset that is being offered by a professional builder. In this game you will experience a musical-minded mix of gameplay. The gameplay base is based on music and rhythm, and you must remove the balls or sounds that come out of the speakers by Control the characters in the game and point to the points so you can complete the steps in addition to listening to the lively and appealing music.

ELOH Download the game Pazli the Divine

Features of the game ELOH

  • An awesome brain teaser game
  • The combination of musical and intellectual gameplay
  • More than 85 attractive stages
  • Exciting stages of the stages
  • Very good graphics and design
  • Use tasty characters
  • Very nice animations
  • Awesome design
  • Soundtracks and music
  • Fun and awesome entertainment
  • And other features

As stated above, ELOH is an awesomeness game for Android, with its installation and implementation, you can experience a relaxed and awesome gameplay. The game provides you with a musical mix and you can see interesting stages in it. You control the sounds that come out of the speakers in the form of balls, by controlling the beautiful smileys of the game so that you can reach them to the specified points. This action produces attractive sounds in the game, which, along with the animations and the very design of the game environment can create an exciting and exciting experience for you.