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Email TypeApp Mail App v1.9.5.28 Apk

The latest version of the Email TypeApp Mail App

Different apps are being developed and released for the Android operating system, which are used to perform various tasks. Some of these programs can prevent websites from surfing and provide you with the right information quickly.

Email TypeApp Mail App is an awesome and functional tool for managing emails. Different users use different servers to receive emails, each of which has its own features. But to manage all of these emails, it makes it a little difficult to manage some of the work, and things get much better if you can manage them all in one program. With this program it will be possible. You can easily import your various emails and quickly access your incoming messages and send email to your friends.

Email TypeApp Mail App Download Email Management App

Email TypeApp Mail App features

  • A very functional tool
  • Proper design
  • Beautiful and attractive interface
  • Manage multiple emails
  • Support for various servers
  • Quick notification of receiving email
  • Smart conversations
  • Sync your calendars and contacts
  • Smart Clock Support
  • Has different themes
  • Has dark mode
  • Assign specific colors to each account
  • high security
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Email TypeApp Mail App is a very functional tool that you can use to manage your emails. You can import multiple accounts into the program and assign a special color to each one to easily identify the received emails. When you receive e-mail, you will be notified quickly by using the notification and you will be more comfortable with the theme’s appearance or dark mode.

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Bug fixes & improvements

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Apk – Size: 44.89 Mb

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