Walking and running control Endomondo – Running and Walking

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Endomondo – Running and Walking A fitness program from the Endomondo developer studio for Android smartphones that will have more control and control over your walking and running.


  • Achieve the goal of running with your personal training program
  • View statistics including running rate per month and …
  • Analyze heart rate for each exercise
  • Control and track your goal to fit
  • Control and monitor the amount of your daily workout

The Endomondo – Running and Walking app is a great option for those who have put their focus on running and walking for their fitness and health. This software is able to accurately and accurately monitor your walking or running speed. A weekly and complete report will also tell you how well your progress will be. Analyzing the vital signs of the body is another feature of this app, which will help you effectively control things like heart rate, blood pressure, energy, calories, and more.