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ES File Explorer File Manager v4.1.2.4 MOD Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android ES File Explorer File Manager

With support for Android 5

+ With plug-in Task Manager ES Task Manager

This time ApkTops going to introduce one of the best apps on Android, called File Manager ES File Explorer File Manager we have by default on many Android tablets and smartphones is installed and also provides excellent facilities Gives. This is the most popular file manager, file manager apps on the Play Store as well. The file manager as the user fills Android file management app for smartphones is known.


Features :

  • Full management on files
  •   Ability to copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, send files
  •   Allows you to select multiple files or folders
  •   Manage apps (Install, uninstall, backup, shortcut, etc.)
  •   Zip Manager and open the ZIP file and unzip files RAR and construction
  •   Find the file or folder
  • Show Thumbnail for apk files and images
  • Ability to close the applications on the phone with one click
  • Support for multiple languages
  •   PC connection via WiFi
  •   Connect with FTP
  • Send and receive files via Bluetooth
  • Support OTG cable

Less application can record on Play Store have downloaded more than 500 million. But ES File Explorer File Manager software are one of those programs that has managed to gain 4.5 points. ES File Explorer File Manager application allows you to manage various files in the phone to the user. This software allows you to manage the files such as copy, move, create, delete, rename, etc. files to users. Ability to manage applications installed on the phone and can also exist in the software applications installed on the phone to fully manage. Ability to manage zip files, for building out and making them as ES File Explorer is included in the program. Ability to display thumbnails for images and apk files in the software to be able to see them without opening them.Then you can use this software on top of Android get directly from the site.

Functionality mode version:

1. Remove Programs application homepage toolbox option.

2, Removing favorites list associated with Baidu advertising practices.
3, Removing the task manager and application download pop the lock.
4, Adjusting the root directory of fragmented files to the same data folder.
5, Disabled by default to automatically detect application upgrade can be updated manually.
6, Streamlined a lot of extra language files retain only Simplified and Traditional British.
7, Optimized content and other details of the interface options menu.
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