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ES File Explorer File Manager v4. Apk is Available !

Latest version of ES File Explorer File Manager for Android

Supports Android 5

+ With Task Manager ES Task Manager

Normal version + Modified version

June 31 update: New mods added

This time on we are going to introduce one of the best Android File Manager File Manager File Manager, which is preinstalled on many Android tablets and handsets, and offers great features for users. Gives This file is also one of the most popular file management applications on the PolyStore site. This file is known as the most used file management application for Android smartphones.


Features :

  • Full management on files
  •   Ability to copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, send files
  •   Ability to select multiple files or folders
  •   Manage programs (install, delete, backup, make shortcuts, etc.)
  •   Manage zip files and open and create ZIP files and open RAR files
  •   Search for a file or folder
  • Display thumbnail image for apk and images
  • Ability to close programs running on the phone with one click
  • Supports multiple languages
  •   Connect to computer via WiFi
  •   FTP connection
  • Send and receive files via bluetooth
  • OTG cable support

Few apps can have more than 500 million downloads on the PlayStation Store. But the ES File Explorer software is one of those programs that has been able to score 4.5. The ES File Explorer file manager allows users to manage various files inside the phone.This software allows users to manage files on files like copy, move, create, delete, rename and … files. There is also the ability to manage on the applications installed on the phone and you can manage the applications installed on the phone in full. The ability to manage compressed files for removing and constructing them is also included in the ES File Explorer. The ability to display a thumbnail image for apk images and files is also available in this software so that they can be viewed without opening them. You can download this software directly from the top Android site.

Mods features:

★★★ MOD AdFree: ★★★
– Ads Removed
– Sponsored banner layout removed
– All ads calls from activity removed
– All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed
– Native admob banner layout removed
– Lockscreen ads resized to 0
– Real Time Monitor unlocked
– Theme Chooser unlocked
– System hidden files unlocked
– Forced startup ads page disabled
– Gift icon removed from Es Swipe
– Analytics disabled

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