Escape Machine City is a fun puzzle game for Android

Escape Machine City has a passionate storyline with which you can entertain yourself for a long time. This game has scored 4.3 out of 5 in the Google Play scoring. The game Escape Machine City has a great story, a game about a city that has destroyed a lot of people due to the use of automated machines to make it progressive, or have led many of them to escape. Only you are left and the thoughts that you have for this city. One day on top of a hill, your look goes to a device that has been disabled due to interference and takes you to your side.

Download Escape Machine City

atributies :

  • Escape the device trapped in it with 3D traps and a perceptible environment in the form of HD
  • Provides over 16 extensive and fun levels with 9 completely free levels in the early stages
  • Facing up with dozens of challenging missions with many obstacles
  • Escape from related temples in this game
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets by running offline
  • Spectacular HD graphics with exciting sound

Introducing Escape Machine City

The game Escape Machine City will take you there, in which case you must deal with dozens of puzzles and traps on which the device is applied. The parts that you may need to handle for long periods of time. Great spectacular graphics in Escape Machine City have created a fun gameplay. The gameplay has the ability to entertain you for a long time and with it you can have an always fresh and entertaining game. The game runs offline and does not require any data.